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Grandmaster Rami Vainionpää
9. dan Korean Sin Moo Hapkido
5. dan Philippines Kombatan
Hyol Do Bup consept developer
Founder of Akupressuuri – Acupressure and meridian threrapy education


Started training in Martial Arts in 1979. He holds the title of Grand Master of Korean Sin Moo Hapkido 9th value and the 5th value in Master of Kombat in the Philippines.

Vainionpää was chosen as the teacher of the year in 1998 in Hapkido in Europe. He also received the Excellence Award in 2011 at the London International Hall of Fame for his teaching work. 

“I got the first touch of oriental medicine in 1989 from Voitto Harju, who is one of the first Finnish acupuncture caretakers.

I held my first acupressure and acupuncture training in 1996 in Pori. After this, I have trained myself in many different practices around the world.”

Welcome to the interesting world of Acupressure


The acupressure concept is unique in that it combines both traditional Chinese acupuncture and the healing elements of the Hyol Do Bup nerve point concept.

The developer of the concept, Rami Vainionpää, has more than 30 years of experience in Oriental medicine and various martial arts, as well as teaching them, both in Finland and around the world for more than 500 seminars.

Vainionpää collaborates internationally with teachers and masters in the same field around the world, constantly developing its own skills.

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